Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors and windows provide designers slim, clean lines to work with and can help create an elegant living space. The strength and durability of aluminium means that frames can be narrow, allowing a greater surface area of glass which is why aluminium doors and windows are often favoured by those who want to maximise on natural light by investing in a premium product.

Aluminium doors are suitable for all climates and are highly resistant to corrosion, requiring minimal maintenance over their considerable life span. For homeowners and developers who prefer to incorporate eco-friendly materials within their building improvements, aluminium is recyclable and offers an environmentally friendly option.

Our range of quality aluminum doors include:

sliding doors
stacking doors
bi-fold doors
French doors

Whether for use in a small domestic project or large commercial development, we can supply quality aluminium doors (and windows) at unbeatable prices. Contact us today to find out more.